About Me

I'm Natalie. When I moved to Boston almost 5 years ago with my then-boyfriend-now-husband, I was bitten by the home design bug.

Living on a budget in an expensive city challenged me to do more with less (in terms of space and money), and taught me to think outside the box creatively.

Finally, we're moving into our dream apartment. This blog documents our journey to make a beautiful, empty space into a home. Inspired by our new address (D Street) and the love of our lives, our dog (Olive), Olive on D was born.


Investing in your home is one of the most important things you can do (in my humble opinion). It's the place where you (hopefully) spend most of your time, but more importantly, it's a place that (should) serve as your respite - your safe haven - from the outside world.

Investing in your home does not mean you have to spend a million bucks to achieve a look you've seen on Pinterest or any number of DIY blogs. Investing in your home means making thoughtful, conscious choices about furniture, decor, accessories, etc. It means taking comfort, budget, and your needs (and the needs of your family) into account. It means thinking through purchases, planning ahead and creating a space that is right for you.

Creating the "right" space will look different for everyone. This is my journey to create ours.