Navy Couch Inspiration

We're getting a new couch!

When Ethan and I first moved in together, my parents bought us our first couch as a graduation gift. It was comfortable and affordable - as someone who didn't care about design at all at that point in my life, it checked all the boxes. And it was a good couch! We had it for just over 3 years, until my parents moved out of my childhood home and offered us the West Elm Lorimer Sectional they had used in their second living room. I was ecstatic to receive such a stylish hand-me-down - a sofa that we never would have been able to afford at that time in our lives.

I love the way the West Elm sectional looks and fits in our space. But, Ethan thinks it's uncomfortable (I disagree) and, more importantly, the light fabric is not conducive to our lifestyle. The couch is a super pretty light sea foam/sage green color, and though I love it, with a dog who lives on furniture, it's gotten pretty dingy over the last 2.5 years we've owned it. We actually had the sofa professionally cleaned this past summer, and while that helped, there were certain stains that even professionals weren't able to get out.

This is all a very long-winded way to say that we've decided to invest in our first couch. We love the modern lines of our current sectional, but the color just isn't working for us.

We knew we wanted something dark to hide stains as much as possible, and after some debate, we settled on a dark (midnight) or navy blue. Since then, I've been hunting down images on Pinterest and blogs to get some inspiration.

Here are some of my favorites:

Via Homepolish

Via Homepolish

I love that it's a little different, but still plays as a neutral and will work with our existing furniture and furnishings. What do you think about a navy couch? I'm still in the early stages of looking, but I'm already leaning towards the Sloan sectional from Interior Define.