Interior Define

Looking for a sofa can be overwhelming. There are literally millions of options, styles, sizes, configurations and colors. There is also an insane variety in price point, and generally, you sacrifice quality and/or comfort when you go cheap on such a major piece of furniture.

While the options out there are seemingly endless, we luckily had a few "musts" to help narrow down the field:

First, the couch needed to be a sectional. I love having room to lay out, while Ethan (or other people) still have room to sit, recline or relax as well. Our first couch was a standard sofa, and while it was comfortable, things got a liiiiiiitle tight when both Ethan and I wanted to lay down to watch a movie or take a nap. However, because of our space, not any old sectional would do. It had to be a left chaise sectional, much like the one we have now.

Second, the couch needed to be over 100" and under 110". I believe our current couch is 107" and it fits perfectly in our living room space, allowing room for end tables and access to our sliding door/Juliette balcony on one end. 

Lastly, it needed to be in a dark color - we decided on navy pretty early on - and it needed to be comfortable; Ethan's #1 complaint about our current sectional from West Elm. Oh, and it needed to be under $2000 - which I found is not an easy feat when shopping for a high-quality sectional.

After tons of research, and scouring the Internet for reviews and blog posts, I settled on Interior Define. If you've never heard of them, Interior Define is a Chicago-based company that touts custom-made furniture at an affordable price. And it seems like they deliver. They have tons of options for sofa layouts, ranging from small apartment sofas to big, beautiful U-shaped sectionals (I actually first heard of Interior Define because of Chris Loves Julia's basement sectional). 

Ultimately, we ended up going with the Sloan Fabric Sofa with Left Chaise option. I love the modern, clean lines, but also the fact that it looks pretty darn comfortable.

Once the sofa was chosen, the rest was just customization options. We chose the 104" length in Midnight Blue, which is listed as a "heavy cloth" fabric (one thing that made this decision even easier was getting free swatches in the mail. I knew we wanted something dark, and seeing all of the options in real life helped us to choose Midnight Blue fairly easily and quickly). After some back and forth, we chose the tapered square wood legs in oiled walnut. They are very similar to the legs our current sofa has (which I love), and they're classic enough to go with any future space we move into. I also fell in love with the square outline legs in matte black, but Ethan was more a fan of the wood, and since it's his sofa too, I obliged.

And now, we wait! According to their site, our sofa will arrive in 8-12 weeks - which seems like an eternity to someone as impatient as me. I'm so excited to see how it turns out - and hoping it's as beautiful and as comfortable as I'm hoping!

Have any of you ordered a sofa (or chair) from Interior Define? I'd love to hear what your experience has been like!