Dining "Room" Reveal

After several months, I can finally call our dining "room" DONE (for now, at least)!

If you've been reading here for awhile, you might remember that I worked with Havenly to develop a design plan for our open dining area (you can read more about that here, here, and here). 

After that initial spurt of inspiration and purchases, things sort of stalled for awhile. I had many of the pieces in place, but things still didn't feel just right. It took a couple more months of living with the space to get every little detail to where I wanted it to be - which is why this post has taken so long.

But let's start at the beginning. When we moved in, our dining space was a blank canvas - there was nothing there, not even a light. Because we've never had enough space for a dining table before, we were truly starting from scratch, which was both daunting and exciting.

And here's where we are now:

Using the design plans from Havenly, I stuck with the big ticket items (for the most part). The rustic/industrial dining table from West Elm is perfect for the space, and I love way the wishbone chairs work with it, despite being totally different styles.

The buffet/bar adds necessary storage, and the deep, gray color is a great contrast to all of the wood and neutrals in the space.

Aside from those big ticket items, though, I found that finding my own pieces make the space feel more us. It also feels much more cohesive with the kitchen and living room, which is essential in an open floor plan like ours. 

The first purchase that made a big difference in this space was the light. My mom actually found it at Home Goods for $70, and it's the perfect addition to the space. I love the shape, and the metal ties in with the table in all the right ways.

The rug was another key addition - I had originally planned to reuse our old living room rug, but it was too worn out and stained. I ended up with this jute rug from Rugs USA, and I love the contrast between the rug and the dark floors - it also ties in perfectly with our living room rug, which is only a few feet away.

Initially, I loved the art that was featured in my Havenly design plan, but after looking at it for months, something about it just felt off. You can see what the old art looked like in this "progress" shot from this past fall.

Then, one day when I was home sick from work, I moved our big round mirror from the office/guest room into the space and it instantly clicked. It makes the space feel even bigger and brighter, and it just works better with the furniture and accessories than the original prints did. I do, however, still love those prints - and am saving them to use elsewhere eventually!

I wanted to add more food storage to our space, so I semi-DIYed the pantry cabinet (a full post on that is coming next week), which is not only great functionally, but offsets the empty wall on the far side of the dining area.

You might also notice we moved the bookshelf to the other wall to accommodate the new pantry.

After that, the rest was just details!

This is without a doubt my favorite space I've ever designed from start to finish. It feels comfortable and very much my style, while also adding a touch of sophistication to our apartment. As I mentioned previously, this is the first apartment we've ever had that's large enough to even have a dining space, and I am so happy with how it turned out. 

Of course, design is never finished, and there are still a few, minor details and ideas I have floating around. But for now, I can say this space is essentially finished and ready to host dinner parties with family and friends!

Source List:

Dining table - West Elm

Wishbone chairs - Amazon

Side chairs - Restoration Hardware

Buffet - Target (gray color no longer available online)

Rug - Rugs USA

Light - Home Goods (similar here)

Mirror - Amazon

Vase - Target

Gold accent sculpture - Target (similar)

Glass bottle - Ikea

Pantry (base cabinet) - Home Depot

Pantry hardware - ATG Stores

Buffet hardware - Target

Bar tray - Crate & Barrel

Bar accessories - Crate & Barrel and Salt & Sundry

Kitchen stools - Home Goods (similar here)

Basket - Target

Bookshelf - Family piece

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