Bedroom Beginnings

Our bedroom is stuck in a rut. For months, I've been sleeping, getting ready and relaxing in a room that just doesn't work. And the most frustrating part is that it should work. I love everything I have in our bedroom individually, but somehow, it just isn't jiving for me. It doesn't feel cohesive, and after months of not being able to put my finger on what or why this was going out, I think I'm starting to figure it out.

This is where we're starting from. It's not a bad "before" picture by any means, but again, it just doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel pulled together, and it doesn't feel us.

  That cute pup makes everything look good, though!

That cute pup makes everything look good, though!

And the other side of the room:

Despite not loving the room as a whole, 95% of the items in this room I love, love, love and/or recently spent a hefty chunk of change on. So, while this process will definitely be a refresh, the following items aren't going anywhere:

1. Our bed - this was our biggest and most expensive purchase ever (up until we ordered our new couch a couple of months ago), and I LOVE it. It's from Urban Outfitters, which I was a little hesitant about, but it's perfect. It looks great, the upholstery is high quality, and it's super sturdy. This bed is going to stay with us for a long, long time.

2. Our dresser - it's an Ikea piece, but it's solid, functional, and looks good. I traded out the hardware for these Anthropologie knobs, and it makes a big difference.

3. Our nightstands - these are also from Ikea and they coordinate with the dresser. Again, I swapped out the hardware to give them a little more of a modern feel.

4. The lamp - I just bought this at Target last week, and I love it! It's from Threshold's new line, and it's incredibly good quality for $50.

5. The mirror - it's a piece from my parent's house, and again, it's really sturdy and substantial. It's hard to see in the photo above, but there's some really pretty detailing on the frame. I might sand the shiny Oak finish off and re-stain it, though!

6. The sconces - I bought these from Urban Outfitters (unfortunately, they're no longer sold) when we bought our bed, and I love how they coordinate with the black and brass of the dresser and nightstands.

So while a lot of the big pieces are staying put, there's also a lot I want to switch up in this space too. This is the mood board I'm currently working with:

1. A runner: Our bedroom is carpeted, but I think I'm finally getting on board with accent rugs on top of carpet. I love, love, love this black and red Persian runner - but at almost $1,000 that's not going to happen. I'll be scouring the Internet for something similar over the next few weeks to put at the foot of our bed.

2. A full-length mirror: My husband (LOVE YOU) is not the best at putting his clothes away after he wears them, so a few months ago, I bought him this valet stand from Ikea to at least give him a place to throw his stuff. While it's definitely served its purpose, we also need a full-length mirror in the room - plus the valet stand has just become a dumping ground of its own (see the photo above with our dresser). This one from World Market with storage space and a hanging rack accomplishes both needs.

3. New bedding: This is probably going to make the biggest difference, aside from the rug. I really love the duvet cover we have now from West Elm (it's folded at the end of our bed in the "before" picture), but it just doesn't jive with the rest of the space - especially once I bring a rug similar to the one above in. While I really love the look of all-white bedding, it doesn't work for us, as our dog sleeps in bed with us (don't judge). I'm going to stick to something light and neutral though, and I'm leaning towards a taupe linen duvet similar to this one.

4. Art: This is going to be another big impact area. I (obviously) love the prints we have hanging over our bed from our wedding, but again, they just don't feel right for the space I want to create. I'm definitely going to find another home for them, though! I'm not at all settled on the print I included in the mood board, but I do love it (it's from Minted)! I think something simple, probably in black and white (with a light wood frame) will work really well here.

5. Pillows: I already own the navy lumbar pillow pictured in the mood board, but I plan on adding a few kilim pillows to coordinate with whatever runner ends up here.

6. Curtains: I like the curtains we have now, but I'm not sure if they'll work with the updated space. This is going to be a wait and see kind of thing!

So that's the plan! Assuming I can track down a runner I love, this shouldn't be an incredibly time-consuming project, either. I'll be back soon with some updates here, as well as a semi-DIY project I completed for our dining room.